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About us


Brainstream is a family business and creates „one of a kind” high-quality products. Never the same thing different color, always a new concept that has not been around before. Always creative products, which solve a problem and make people smile. Therefore, Brainstream items are great talk-abouts and make perfect Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. From nature inspired products for your home to clever timers for your kitchen. You won’t have seen this before.

Great stuff for your kitchen, from timers to sink drying racks. Get your eggs right with BeepEgg. Never under- or overboil your egg again. Plays three tunes for soft, medium and hard boiled.

Let chef Al Dente get your pasta right. Same concept. Boil him with your pasta and wait for the tunes to play. Organize your sink with dripline. Say goodbye to damp rags hanging over your faucet.

Bring the outdoors in. Unique items, inspired by nature, made for your home. Mountain peak shaped, handcrafted knives. Each blade is shaped by famous peaks of American mountains regions. From Colorado to the American East. Mountain trip memories shaped into a high-quality product. Relax yourself with our soothing nature sound boxes and create calm moments during the everyday grind.

Let there be light. Brighten the dark inside of your purse or bag with our sensor driven lights. As soon as you touch it, the light illuminates for 10 seconds, so you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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