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FAQ drip.line and

  • Do and drip.line fit any sink?

Yes, If extended, it is at 22.2” which fits most sinks horizontally or vertically. If not, simply use it diagonally across the corners of the sink.

  • Does come with the “bottle tray”?

Yes, the tray is included and removable

  • Does fit the SodaStream Crystal bottles?

Yes as well as most other bottles sold in the US.

  • Why do drip.line and make my kitchen a “hygienic” place?

Damp dishcloths, rags or sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. Which is why Food & Wine magazine says “There’s more E. coli in a kitchen sink than in a toilet after you flush it“, because the sink is constantly used for food prep and stays constantly moist. But if sponges and towels are washed out and dried properly, this issue can be prevented. The drip.line offers your rags and cloths a space-saving, clean place to dry. Works for brushes, sponges and most certainly the reusable bottles you use every day.

  • Are drip.line or capable of holding casseroles as a trivet?

With drip.line, you ideally take two. With one is sufficient.

  • Will drip.line and fit my drawer?

Yes, they will. Even with smaller drawers, as it is extendable from 12.8” – 22.2”

  • How can drip.line and hold a colander or strainer to drain cooked or washed food?

Simply place one handle of the colander over the sink and place drip.line / underneath the other handle. This way it gets a stable hold in the sink and the food can drain properly. (see product pictures)

  • Are drip.line and drip it dishwasher-safe?

Yes, they are. And rustproof as well.

  • Do drip.line or contain any BPA?

No, both are 100% BPA free.

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